Monday, 29 May 2017

A massive well done

Well done tonight. Be very proud. That was a lovely night organised by you.  You all did a super job. So much talent on show and everyone who took part in any way ..  a massive well done and thanks!!

Enjoy tomorrow

Tomorrow and tonight

Can all students go to canteen in morn for final trip of ty. Teachers will be down after their registration. Please wait until they come down. Please remember old clothes and a bag and a change of clothes

Kim - please speak to me before ty nite
Anyone who did not get their cpr cert please speak to me this evening

Please also collect first aid certificates tonight


Thursday, 25 May 2017

Important msgs - Please read

Please read 

Msg from the Centre for Tuesday trip - The kids need to wear old clothes and foot ware in case they lose a shoe in the bog challenge. They need to also bring a change of old clothes to change into after the bog challenge. They need to bring a towel and a plastic bag for their wet clothes. The kids will get hosed down after the mud-run but showers are not available. 

A lot have not paid for final trip - please do so by tomorrow (get someone to hand it to me) - I am booking buses tomorrow!!!!! Pass the word - only 50 paid up!! 

Need all scrap books in by Monday

A lot going on this morning - apologies to anyone I may have been a bit sharp with - was just trying to get a number of things organised!!! Sorry 

PE money outstanding - please get it in!!!

Please remember - school on Monday only for students on the TY committee or involved in helping with the cooking - there is no school for the rest of you on Monday 

Please meet in the canteen on Monday at 903 - thanks - I will meet u there

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Final trip of ty

Money has to be in by Thursday of this week 15 euro each for final trip. Monday is too late as I need to book the buses.  Big effort for the final trip in ty. I want everyone to go on it. No excuses get the money in

If u owe from pe get it paid as well. Debts have to be cleared!

First aid money aswell please 

Big effort to make the last few days as easy as possible on everyone


Will be given out tomorrow


First aid money must be in tomorrow

Ty night

' Could anybody who didn't already email Holly Kelly naming their 2 work experiences do it before Tuesday as it is needed for a presentation for Ty night'


Monday, 22 May 2017

First aid

Money must be in by tomorrow please get this in. It will be collected in registration.  10 each.

Please have lunch with you as you will not be coming back to the school. You can take money for the shop as well if u like.

2 groups that are going. Please meet in the canteen at 910 and I will explain the rest. N odhran and n oisin are on first.